Portable Restrooms for Disaster Relief

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Disaster can strike within a moment’s notice and disaster relief efforts take time. In moments of crisis, it’s important to have an experienced and effective partner to assist with clean up and rebuilding efforts.

As any Crisis Manager  knows, workers need infrastructure and sanitation to work effectively. Portable Restrooms and sanitation provided by MMG Houston can get your operation running faster.

Location matters in a time of urgency, MMG Houston has the ability to service Disaster Relief Customers, anywhere.

MMG is committed to helping those affected by natural disasters in Texas. Whether you are located in Gulf Coast or anywhere else that requires immediate assistance to handle the aftermath of a disaster, MMG is ready to assist with disaster relief portable restrooms. Get comfortable accommodations and sanitation in the event of a disaster by calling us at 713-357-9024

Along with porta potty rentals, MMG also offers shower and portable restroom trailers to assist those afflicted by disaster.

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